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Conformity assessment of brake control systems

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Background & Policy context

Bearing in mind that the internal European market must be protected against unsafe and dangerous products in all fields, including the field of motor vehicles. Development of the construction and quality of air braking systems is constant and very intensive, which leads to introduction of new construction solutions and a number of changes, especially concerning materials and technology of their manufacture. That is why planning and development of new technologies is based primarily on the development of the system of quality, pursuant to standardization principles.


The harmonized standard supports the Directive 87/404/EEC deals with simple pressure vessels. Since the tank for air braking system of motor vehicles, as a vessel under pressure, poses a security risk in the state of rest as well as during exploitation, the objective of the project is, through an example of modern pneumatic brake system in vehicles, to provide a methodology for conformity assessment of the tanks of air braking system for motor vehicles and their trailers, in accordance with the EN 286-2 standard.

The application of the described procedure defines the conditions that remove technical barriers in trade, protect the market from unsafe products, and thus increases traffic security.


Practical realization of conformity assessment of a product is preceded by the following phases:

  • determining of main requirements for products in accordance with product analysis and manufacturing technologies,
  • determining of applicable directives and standards for products,
  • providing procedures for assessment of conformity of a product with a standard.


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Air braking tanks for motor vehicles and their trailers are pressurized vessels that pose a security risk in the state of rest as well as during exploitation. The standardization and harmonization of technical regulations in this feld in Europe rests on the principle of implementation of the essential security and health requirements, defned within the Directive 87/404/ EEC and harmonized standard EN 286-2, which supports the above mentioned Directive.

The tests carried out as part of the procedure of conformity assessment for air braking tanks systems, in accordance with EN 286-2 (for 50 < PSV≤ 1500), can be divided into two phases:

• Tests prior to production of tanks, and

• Tests prior to tanks being placed on the market.

Before the start of production of tanks, the manufacturer can chose between:

a) certificate of adequacy, i.e. approval of design and manufacturing schedule, respectively,

b) type examination, i.e. conformity testing based on one or more specimens of a product representative of the production.

Prior to tanks being placed on the market, tanks manufactured in accordance with this standard or with the approved prototype, at own choice by manufacturer, will be subject to:

a. For 50 < PSV≤ 200 bar l: EC verification or EC declaration of conformity,

b. For 200 < PSV≤ 1.500 bar l: EC verification or EC declaration of conformity and EC surveillance.

Verification is the procedure adopted at the choice of the manufacturer to check and certify that the manufactured tanks comply with this standard, and is conducted by an inspection body on batches of tanks submitted by their manufacturer or by his authorized representative. Batches shall be accompanied by the type-examination certificate or by the certificate of adequacy.

Verification contains a check of the manufacturing record, external and internal inspection, dimensional check and destructive and non-destructive testing. Inspection body shall issue an EC verification certificate. Declaration of conformity is the procedure whereby the manufacturer certifies tanks with a product 50 < PSV≤ 1.500 bar l, to be in conformity with standard EN 286-2, but in the case 200 < PSV≤ 1.500.

Manufacturer must additionally provide access to production sites and/ or storage to the surveillance body, in order to secure that the manufacturer fully complies with the obligations required by this standard. Thus, before placing on the


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