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Construction of a system integrating public transport of the City of Rzeszów and its surroundings

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The strategic objective of the project is to implement the first stage of improving the functionality of urban transport by improving access to the central areas of the city and ensuring efficient transport within the city of  Rzeszów, which will contribute to the development potential and attractiveness of the Rzeszów agglomeration and the mobility of the population.


The project is divided in following steps:

  1. Design and implementation of the Integrated Traffic Management and Transport System (ZSZRiTP) together with its dedicated ICT platform (PTITS).
  2. Purchase of modern bus fleet.
  3. Construction / extension of local transport system, modernization of infrastructure for public transport.

In addition, the project will carry out information and promotion activities and project management. As part of the project preparation, the Feasibility Study of the project and a number of other documents will be prepared. 


Other Programme
European Funds - for the development of Eastern Poland
Funding Source
Ministerstwo Infrastruktury i Rozwoju


Implementation of the task involved the implementation of the Integrated Traffic Management and Transport System (ZSZRiTP) as one coherent system that integrates the following subsystems:

1. Area Road Control System (SOSRD)

SOSRD is an element that has a significant impact on improving the mobility of the city. It consists of the following parts:

  • - Traffic signalling system, allowing to maintain traffic flow and to minimize waiting time at intersections,
  • - The priority system for public transport vehicles, 
  • - The driver information system, using variable signs, which will allow to report quickly on traffic disruptions, or missed trips.

2. Public Transport Management System (SZTP)

SZTP allows identification of vehicle locations and passenger counting and quality control of passenger handling by operators, which in turn will allow them to respond to current public transport needs in Rzeszów.

3. Passenger Information System (E-INFO)

The system, which aims to provide efficient information to public transport passengers. Information boards mounted at the bus stops display, among others, time remaining to the arrival of the given line bus.

4. Electronic Toll Collection System (E-BILET)

In order to facilitate the use of public transport will be introduced electronic ticket - e-Ticket system.

5. Purchase of modern bus fleet

 As a part of the task, 80 modern, eco-friendly EEV emission buses will be purchased:

- 30x 12-meter buses for diesel,

- 30x 12-meter buses for natural gas,

- 20x 10-meter diesel buses.

6. Reconstruction and development of the local communication system and improvement of the functionality of public transport stops

In order to improve the functioning of public transport in the city, the local transport system have been rebuilt along with accompanying infrastructure, bays and bus loops. 


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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