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Cross-border transport CONNECTIONs and communications - the basis for improving quality of life in border areas

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The CONNECTION project aims to achieve a balanced, long-term economic growth in the cross-border region by creating appropriate conditions for the development of sustainable transport network in the border area. Also, the current project aims to achieve an efficient organization and management of transportation processes and networks, develop joint systems and approaches for the creation of new cross-border route schemes and stimulate the environmental protection.

It includes mainly soft activities related to: conducting of preliminary studies in the field of transport, analysis and assessment of the information; working out a Strategy for sustainable development of transport infrastructure in the cross-border region; and supplying with information terminal equipment (kiosks), which will ensure information on: travel links, card routes incl. auto and rail links, travel services, cultural and historical sites, business information.


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2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)


As a result of the implementation of the project efficient and effective methods and approaches for sustainable development of transport networks will be created and in particular for the development of a secondary transport road network, adequate to the existing and forecasted traffic demand of passengers and freight transports in compliance to the European Regional and Transport policies and standards. This will connect the municipalities in the Smolyan district with the municipalities in the region of Xanthi. Through delivered specific equipment – information terminal stations (kiosks) and established common software system, it will be supported the sustainable development of cross-border transport communications and networks. The people in the cross-border regions will benefit from the new and improved transport networks and the facilitated mobility of people and goods and improved accessibility will promote mitigating the disparities.


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