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Valeo has developed Cruise4U, a prototype automated driving on highway or motorway-like road that allows the driver to decide whether to drive manually or automatic. In automatic mode, the system takes full control of the steering, acceleration and braking of the car. Automated driving also includes improved active safety features that not only make driving safer in manual as in automatic modes, but also contribute to improve the comfort of car trips. 


Cruise4U uses the technology of Valeo SCALA® laser scanner, which enables a highly automated driving thanks to its extended detection range, wide field of vision and precision, which offer a unique combination. The technology of laser scanner detects with high precision while static or moving obstacles and can anticipate events.


In a world first, the Valeo Cruise4U autonomous vehicle is setting off on a road trip through the European heartland, driving nearly 13,000 kilometres. The road trip will involve driving in automated mode through the major metropolitan centers in Western Europe, from the United Kingdom in the north to southern Spain. Once activated by the driver, the automated driving system designed and developed by Valeo will take over the vehicle’s steering, acceleration and braking in real traffic conditions. Valeo Cruise4U kicked off its journey in the United Kingdom, where it travelled from Edinburgh to Plymouth. It will now continue its expedition on the European mainland, crossing through Germany (including Berlin, Karlsruhe and Munich), the Netherlands (making a detour via Amsterdam), the Czech Republic (stopping off in Prague), France and Spain, where it will turn go as far as Seville before heading back to Paris.


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