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Cycling Awareness Raising and MArketing

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Background & Policy context

Why is cycling accepted in some social communities and cultures and not in others?

The image of cycling differs between cities and countries in Europe. In some countries cycling is seen as both popular and positive, and it is widely accepted as the transport mode of choice. Whereas in others cycling is only considered for commuting or sport. Even though the challenges each city and country face are different, the fundamental challenge, and therefore the key to success for any cycling campaign, stays the same:

How do we change the beliefs and behaviour of target residents?


The overall goal of the CARMA Project was to gain a better understanding of how to change the belief and behaviour of target residents.


The CARMA Project used four different approaches to reach its goals:

  1. Analysis and identification of target groups;
  2. Establishment of internal and external networks;
  3. Capacity building - training sessions and workshops;
  4. Implementation of communication activities.


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The project yielded the following results:

  • It identified the target groups with the highest potential of changing their travel behaviour in favour of cycling
  • It developed target group identification maps;
  • It ran 38 different campaigns in total in the different CARMA cities in order to raise awarness and show the attractiveness of cycling as a transport mode;
  • It targeted 100 000 students and 40 000 employees, held 54 internal and 36 external network meetings as well as 36 focus group meetings;

Strategy targets

This prject contributed to promoting more sustainable development.

Policy objectives

Environmental objectives. 


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