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Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine Systems

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Background & Policy context

D3CoS aims to develop new and affordable methods, techniques and tools (MTTs) that will support different steps in the industrial development process of Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine Systems. The results of this project will improve development process and so reduce costs and time to market


The objective of the D3CoS project was to develop methods, techniques and tools (MTTs) for system engineers and to embed them in industrial system development processes to support affordable Development of highly innovative cooperative human-machine systems. The business objectives of D3CoS where to reduce the cost of System Development (including requirements capture, specification, development and evaluation) by 15-20% and the needed Development cycles by 20-25% when applied to innovative and ambitious cooperative human-machine systems, and to foster Embedded Systems for human-machine cooperation systems that are reusable in different transportation domains (Aeronautics, Automotive, Maritime).


D3CoS results will reduce effort and time to market of innovative and ambitious distributed cooperative human-machine systems. D3CoS aims to improve the quality of system design, development and evaluation through methods, techniques and tools as well as enhance support through model-based development and testing that will, in turn, reduce the cost of system design, development and evaluation leading to increased productivity and competitiveness for European manufacturers. Safety improvement for cooperative human-machine systems will be achieved by including a human-centered system design perspective and applying agent modelling techniques in early phases of the embedded system development process. Furthermore, the developed toolset will support early product design evaluations.



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