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Developing mobility-on-demand solutions for sustainable mobility - the case of Luxembourg


Developing mobility-on-demand solutions for sustainable mobility - the case of Luxembourg

Background & policy context: 

The project is a collaboration between LISER and the Department of Civil & Urban Engineering and Centre for Urban ITS at New York University (NYC) in 2017-2019.


The primary objective of the project is research collaborations in developing smart and sustainable multimodal mobility-on-demand (MOD) transit solutions for sustainable urban mobility. The project will develop new methodology and decision support tools to model and assess different MOD solutions.


Three research work packages related to the central development of multimodal flexible transit service are designed. The first work package focuses on users' route choice behaviour modelling for the multimodal MOD transit service under capacity constraints and social network influence. The second work package focuses on the development of a test bed of the multimodal MOD transit service. An agent-based approach will be used to evaluate different operation design and scenarios for the operators. The third work package focuses on studying potential collaborative strategies and partnerships between public agencies and private service operators. The interactions of different operation designs between private operators and public agencies in the network will be studied based on the stable matching theory.

Programme Other: 
FNR INTER-MOBILITY programme 2017
LISER Luxembourg Institute of Socio Economic Research
Maison des Sciences Humaines 11, Porte des Sciences
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