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Development of an Integrated Management System for Transport based on GSM

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Background & Policy context

The reduction of the costs of the equipment onboard a fleet as well as the costs of the necessary software for operation is considered a key objective of the project, since, according to surveys and market research carried out by ITENE, the main obstacle for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) to access this type of innovative technology are the deficient adjustments of the present fleet management systems to the real necessities of SMEs.

Nowadays, systems that allow to access these technologies require expensive GPS equipment connected through a modem GSM, and ownership by the company of special software and digital cartography.


The primary objective of this project is the Development of a Low Cost Fleet Management System, that covers the necessities of the SMEs in the sector of road freight transport, by means of using Global Systems of Location and Telemetry through communications with mobile telecoms (progressively GSM, GPRS, UTMS), that will be implanted in the Centre of Advanced Services of Telecommunication in ITENE.


The basic characteristics of this project are in the development of a Fleet Management System, based on location GSM, through Cell-Id, that can be offered by the operators by means of their mobile telecommunications network. This system will have to be accessible to the final clients through Internet, without requiring any additional installation. Further to this service, telecommunications systems, integrated with the above-mentioned location tools will be developed in order to give an integrated, low cost fleet management service.

The project is carried out following a methodological structure of 3 lines of performance:

  • Line 1: Development of the Location Service
  • Line 2: Development of a Web application for fleet management
  • Line 3: Development of an embedded system of sensitisation and telemetry, integrated with a mobile terminal for the transmission of data to the control centre.


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A Low Cost Fleet Management System based on GSM was developed.

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