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Development of IXB Transport Corridor in the Years 2004–2006

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Background & Policy context

International corridors are the most important part of Lithuanian road network. Though there are still (many) sections falling behind the requirements for transport corridors.


The main objective of this project is to reconstruct these sections and to ensure safe and convenient traffic conditions in conformity with the level of traffic volume, road significance and international standards. It is anticipated that the benefit of IXB transport corridor reconstruction is as follows:

  • better and higher quality road traffic conditions;
  • reduced accident rate;
  • reduced vehicle operating costs;
  • strengthened road pavement structure;
  • slower pavement degradation and longer pavement service life;
  • lower costs of road repair and routine maintenance.

The Project includes:

  • strengthening of road pavement – 20.12 km;
  • strengthening and widening of road pavement – 37.98 km;
  • road reconstruction – 83.84 km;
  • new road construction – 4.0 km;
  • construction of pedestrian – cycling paths – 4.719 km;
  • road illumination – 7.07 km;
  • construction of grade-separated pedestrians crossings – 7 units;
  • reconstruction of bridge or bridge deck – 21 unit;
  • construction of crash barriers – 46.97 km;
  • construction of grade-separated intersection – 3 units;
  • construction of noise protection walls – 1.38 km;
  • construction of wire net fencing – 27.32 km;
  • construction of underpasses for wild animals – 2 units.


Funding Source
Ministry of Transport and Communication


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
Partner Organisations
EU Contribution


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