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Development of a new generation of drives - electromechanical actuators for small and medium-sized aircraft

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Development and production of prototype electromechanical linear actuator for use in the aerospace industry. The progressive electrification of small and medium-sized aircraft.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


  • The key products of the project are:
  1. Linear Electro-mechanical Actuator LEA 150 - linear electromechanical actuator with continuous rod. At both ends of the rod can be mounted as required fork or eye. Suitable for control flaps on an airplane.
  1. Linear Electro-mechanical Actuator LEA 200 - linear one-sided thrust electromechanical actuator. Designed to compensate for hydraulic actuators.
  2. Generating motion screw - this is a modified trapezoidal screw and nut. Bolt and nut have different median diameter of the thread. The electric motor and the eccentric nut is forced to perform eccentric motion along the circumference of the screw. The result is to slow translational movement of the screw gearing.
  3. Methodology for the accelerated determination of stainless steel materials corrosion resistance - the methodology describes the determination of the corrosion resistance of stainless steels using the electrochemical method of polarization curves measurement. The methodology is usable for evaluation of the structural elements of the electromechanical actuators of small and medium size civil aircraft as one of the materials used in their manufacturing is stainless steel. Therein, the procedure of the determination is described step by step; demonstrative results and their evaluation are presented. The application of the methodology is illustrated using steel AMS 5659.
  4. Methodics  of maintenance - electromechanical actuators 0833 800 - the methodology describes the maintenance of electromechanical linear actuator designed for small and medium-sized civil aircraft. Maintenance process is described verbally and is accompanied by diagrams of the actuator and some of its parts.
  5. Methodology of the accelerated corrosion evaluation of electromechanical actuators - the methodology describes accelerated corrosion evaluation using mathematical modelling of galvanic corrosion. This methodology is applicable for evaluation of electromechanical actuators of small and medium size civil aircraft. Corrosion software BEASY Corrosion Manager is used to simulate the corrosion damage under service conditions. The necessary input data, procedure of the creation of the solved structure model, simulation performance and interpretation of results are described therein. The application of the methodology is illustrated using a typical representative of electromechanical actuator.


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EU Contribution
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