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Diffusive combustion

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Background & Policy context

The development of the diesel engine, both in applications on industrial vehicles and in automotive, pass by a significant reduction in its emissions, reduction of stress in maintaining high performance relative to other engine sources.  In recent years, new types of combustion, generally mentioned under the term HCCI, were studied; essentially based on the combustion optimization premix, they are limited in charge by strong pressure gradients in the room, high noise and synonyms delicate reliability.


The objective of the proposed program was to improve the combustion of fuel in broadcast controlled mode through optimization of the combustion chamber/ injector nozzle incorporating on industrial basis the use of injection holes of small diameter, typically around 80 microns.


The DICO approach was oriented towards optimization of the combustion system formed by the injector torque/combustion chamber by incorporating additional advances in the field of injection Delphi-especially with pressures exceeding 2000 bar.


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4 ministries (responsible for transport, the environment, research and industry), and 2 government agencies (responsible for the environment/energy management and for valorisation of research)
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Public (national/regional/local)


The following results have been achieved:

  • Better understanding and better control of diffusion combustion;
  • Improvement of knowledge on the formation of the mixture with nozzles with very small holes;
  • Evaluate and understand the impact of high injection pressures (> 2000 bar) on the formation of the mixture;
  • Define new design criteria for combustion systems (nozzle, chamber) VP and VI to reduce NOx, particles under stress CO2 and noise;
  • Maintain the competitiveness and leadership of Delphi in Diesel injection, Renault in the VP engines, Renault Trucks in VI, IFP and CERTAM in the field of optical diagnostics adapted to the diesel engine.


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