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Digibus Austria

Digibus Austria


The Austrian flagship project “Digibus Austria” pursues the goal to research and test methods, technologies and models for proofing a reliable and traffic-safe operation of automated shuttles on open roads in mixed traffic in a regional driving environment on automated driving level 3 (“Conditional Automation”) and creating foundations for automation level 4 (“High Automation”).

Expected results address the following fields:

  • Driving environment and digital infrastructure
  • Driving scenarios and interaction with other traffic participants
  • Automated mobility system and passenger interaction during driverless operation

The results form the basis for an Austrian reference model for the real testing and operation of highly or fully automated vehicles in local public transport.

“Digibus Austria” starts in April 2018 and has a project duration of 3 years.

Funding Source(s): 
Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Key Results: 

The Digibus was operated from April until November 2017 in Koppl, Salzburg (Austria) for demonstrating/testing automated mobility in a rural environment.  The model NAVYA Arma DL4 was used for test series in Salzburg since May 2017. Transport participants respectively interested people could use the bus (on the test track) for free and were asked to fill out a survey at the end of their ride. However, the bus was operating for research purposes and not on a regular schedule. The project was led by Salzburg Research. The survey results and follow-up work is still on-going.

Lead Organisation: 

Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft M.b.h.