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Dynamic Kundemation of loading zones, temporary logistics areas, construction sites, etc. using e-Paper technology

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Dynamic Kundemation of loading zones, temporary logistics areas, construction sites, etc. using e-Paper technology
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Dynamische Kundmachung von Ladezonen, temporären Logistikflächen, Baustellen, etc. mittels e-Paper Technologie


Additional panels providing supplementary traffic related information are frequently applied in traffic area, for example loading zones, construction sites or parking sites with specific designation (e.g. handicap parking space). So far, sheet metal panels are utilized as additional panels. The display of variable messages is therefore not possible. To solve this issue, digital additional panels can be used to display adjustable information and further user triggered content. In the case of a loading zone, the digital traffic sign is able to change information temporary whether the space is available for parking or used for unloading goods. This offers a way to use the loading zone demand-oriented and temporary flexible (different times of the day and year).

So far, an approach like this has not been implemented before and there is a need for innovative development of ideas to solve urban traffic issues. Therefore, the project "digital additional panel" wants to explore the usage of digital traffic signs for specifically defined use cases.

This project builds on the findings of the past research project "urban loading" and advances the past results by developing a demand and potential analysis addressing specific use cases. By coordinating with local administration, the legislative and technical specifications are determined. A prototype for a digital additional panel using an e-Paper display is developed and tested for a variety of applications. The device carries a SIM card and therefore the information displayed can be updated temporary and fast. This project aims to develop an intelligent way by using an already well-established technology (e-Paper display) in a completely different area. The digital additional panel is a flexible and cost-efficient way to improve daily transit and simply road sign development in urban spaces.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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Gütermobilität 2016
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Prisma Solutions Edv-Dienstleistungen Gmbh

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Heimbuchner Consulting Gmbh

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