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E-bikes - Impacts on the transportation system (SVI 2014/003)

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The objective of the project is to identify the particular issues concerning the fast increasing number of e-bikes users (a lack of control from cyclists, a lack of anticipation from other users, inappropriate road layout, legal framework is confusing). The characteristics of the "e-bike transportation system" are analysed (users, vehicles, infrastructures, legal framework and their interactions). The main goal is to show the actions that must be taken in order to help taking e-bikes into account when planning transportation projects. The different requirements between "slow" e-bikes (< 25 km/h) and "quick" e-bikes (25 to 45 km/h) must be also highlighted.


The project consists from the following parts:

Part 1 – Study framework and literature: analysis of the on-going research results and international comparison of the "e-bike transportation system"

Part 2 – Territorial analysis: operating of the e-bike system in the current territorial structure and vision for the future.

Part 3 – E-bike system analysis:

- Highlighting of the main themes which need a deep analysis and determination of the current and future problems related to the e-bike system.

- Themes study, based on available technical knowledge (norm, experience, literature) and on field's analysis in Bern and in Geneva: e.g. user's position on the road, attitude towards obstacles, mutual perception between users, braking distance, etc.

- Strengthening and overview.

Part 4 – Action leads: Carrying out of technical records for each priority action lead (adjustment measures for roads, bike infrastructures, vehicles, legal framework and public relations, etc.)


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