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Effects of education and public information

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Background & Policy context

Education and public information are measures aimed at promoting road safety. However, the maximum effects of optimal realisation have, up till now, been insufficiently researched. The effects of other measures, especially those aimed at the infrastructure, are much better known. This knowledge gap makes it impossible to weigh up various measures in terms of costs and expected benefits, in the short and long term. The goal of this project is to fill in this gap.


The scientific relevance lies mainly in the methods that make it possible to make generalised statements about the effectiveness and the underlying mechanisms of education and public information. It is also scientifically very interesting to be able to measure the effects of education and public information.

This project offers policy materials for optimising the use of measures in terms of costs and effectiveness.


A literature study will first produce an overview of the effects of education and public information that had been reported up till now. Based on this and general didactic and information insights, the features of 'optimal' education and public information programmes will be determined. In addition, guidelines for measuring instruments and a research design will be drawn up. Then, together with the regions, suitable education and public information projects will be selected. The results of the literature study offer the regions the opportunity to further optimise and evaluate their projects. SWOV will advise both actively and passively in this. When choosing the projects, attention will be paid especially to the application of 'new media', such as e-learning and simulation. The evaluation results provided by the regions will form the basis for a SWOV summary of effect evaluation of all projects. Running parallel to the above-mentioned activities, SWOV will provide a contribution from this project to the European PREVENT project. The goal of this project is to increase the safety around road works through educational programmes for driving instructors, road workers, and road users. In PREVENT, recommendations from the previous European ARROWS project will be transformed into educational programmes and materials, after which pilots will be carried out and evaluated.


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