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EM compatibility ANALYsis Statistical Techniques in aeronautics


EM compatibility ANALYsis Statistical Techniques in aeronautics

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The large density of cables transporting various signals due to the introduction of composite materials and the transition to a More Electrical Aircraft is nowadays increasing the complexity of the design from an EMC point of view. So that the evolution of regulations makes safety analysis mandatory for the EWIS, leading to the necessity to estimate the reliability of the wiring system together with the functions which are committed to it.

New EMC EWIS design rules and prototyping tools are needed to ensure the required very low rate of failure, without assuming too high design margins which could question expected gains at “global platform” level, increasing weight, installation complexity and cost.


ANALYST aims at developing and validating a numerical modelling methodology based on statistical approaches for the specific context of EM compatibility analysis of cable harnesses in aeronautics.

The following main goals will be pursued:

  • Development of a statistical harness modelling methodology, suitable to catch real-life complexity of aircraft installed harness (of the order of 40.000 cables, 10.000 electrical links)
  • Demonstration, evaluation of effectiveness and validation of the methodology; different modelling approaches, referring to state of the art solutions and innovations will be compared and validated with respect to measurement data.
  • Integration of the finally selected modelling approach in a CAE Framework, already equipped with the workflows and procedures needed to properly manage the wiring complexity of real aircraft.

The solution has been identified in a fundamentally original approach, assuming to definitely consider the not-deterministic nature of the above-mentioned problem, looking for a statistical description and extreme value assessment of the relevant physical parameters (currents, voltages, power) linked to statistical descriptions of the involved variables/environment (cable bundle geometry, installation conditions, etc.).

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European Commission
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JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-SYS-02-41 Development of methodology and tools based on advanced statistics applied to Electro Magnetic Compatibility analysis of cable harnesses in aeronautics
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Office National D' Etudes Et De Recherches Aérospatiales

29, avenue de la Division Leclerc
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Axessim Sas

Parc Innovation - Rue Jean Sapidus
67400 Illkirch Graffenstaden
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Università Degli Studi - L'aquila

Piazza Vincenzo Rivera, 1
67100 L'AQUILA
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I.d.s. - Ingegneria Dei Sistemi - S.p.a.

Via Enrica Calabresi 24
56121 Pisa
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