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eMaaS will unite the fragmented market of mobility options such as e-car, e-bike and ride sharing, public transport and boost the uptake of e-mobility. We aim to do more than simply replacing fossil-fuelled cars by causing a paradigm shift to reduce the total number of cars and increase the usage of zero-emission mobility. To achieve this, we propose a highly innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables fleet service providers to become shared electro mobility as a service providers (eMaaS).

The project will be delivered over 30 months in 5 countries; Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and Austria. The fundamental innovation is to replace individual ownership of vehicles with a pool of share EV's utilised on-demand. "Sharing" must become the underlying principle of enterprise mobility. The project contributes to Key Area 3 Smart Mobility concepts and ICT applications by the development of an e-mobility solution consisting of an open SaaS solution. eMaaS will develop to TRL 8 or 9 existing technology that we have demonstrated in live environment pilots to be least TRL 6. Germany will take responsibility for the overall project management coordinating the partners. Six work packages have been identified which are centred on country specific delivery.

The eMaaS consortium combines outstanding technical and scientific skills which enables; academic evaluation of the markets; technical capability to design and develop a user-friendly solution; commercial skills to validate usability and determine the operational viability of eMaaS. eMaaS's was conceived to overcome barriers preventing the scale adoption of EV's based on extensive partner expertise developing & operating highly innovative mobility services that encompass cutting edge ICT, new business models and EVs. By gathering together, a diverse, experienced and innovative team we have a unique breadth of capabilities which demonstrates the successful delivery of eMaaS.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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EME - eMobility Europe 2016
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