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Emissions / Diesel Action Plan

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UIC Diesel Action Plan
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Background & Policy context

The rail sector is a minor contributor to air pollution but railways are constantly working to reduce their air pollution. In Europe, the rail sector’s share of total Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions of transport is only 3% today, as efforts from the rail sector have reduced its NOx emissions by 35% since 1990. The same is true for Particulate Matter (PM), where the rail’s share is 4.5% only and rail’s PM emissions have also been reduced by 35% since 1990.


The UIC Diesel Action Plan in 2003 advocating proactive measures to reduce diesel exhaust emissions. 


The UIC  Diesel Action Plan  leads to the UIC coordination of research and information sharing on the reduction of diesel emissions along with partners in the rail supply industry. CLEANER-D  project was launched to find technical solutions to the challenges faced in complying with this new regulation framework. The project also anticipates that further regulation is likely and seeks to provide the sector with dynamic and innovative solutions for future applications should new limits be instituted. 


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UIC - Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
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The UIC Diesel Action Plan represents following activities:

  • Pre-study
  • Rail diesel study
  • Strategies/Measures based on the study
  • Preparation of NRMM Directive
  • Green Project

Innovation aspects

A plan for  coordination of measurements in the field of diesel emissions.

Policy implications

Lowering of environmental impacts of diesel railway transport.


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