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The energy efficiency improvement simulator

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The objective of the project is to develop an energy efficiency improvement simulator, called ORKUSPAR, specifically aimed at the fishing industry, both sea and land based, and ocean freight shipping. The purpose of the ORKUSPAR simulator is to design a tool for the assessment and monitoring of envisaged energy efficiency measures. It quantifies attainable energy efficiency improvements for owners, management, designers and operators of the relevant facilities (process plants, ocean trawlers and freight shipping), energy use and environmental pathways in shipping and deep-sea fishing vessels (fish processing trawlers). The software simulates economic and other benefits gained by diverse measures, and it is, e.g. intended to:

  • Decrease fossil fuel consumption
  • Improve energy efficiency of processing systems
  • Improve automatic control and monitoring of systems
  • Decrease pollutant emissions

The primary aim is to decrease harmful gaseous emissions to the atmosphere in accordance with the goals put forward in the Agenda 21 action plan and the subsequent Kyoto declaration. 


One ship, Þerney RE 101 a freezer stern-trawler with a fish meal plant, was used as a model of the fishing ship in the simulator's prototype. Since there are many similar functions for fishing vessels and cargo ships, a simplification could be made, by handling cargo ships as trawlers, but without the fishing gears. Land based fish industry is a much simpler system than a fishing vessel. A freezing fish processing plant was used as a model for the land based fishing industry. The work in the project was divided into the following main phases:

  1. Data collection
  2. Data sorting and analysis
  3. Development of simulators
  4. Trials and modifications
  5. Dissemination
  6. Project management. 


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