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Energy saving in transport of goods - A pilot project in natural resource based industries

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The main aim of the project is to develop and implement actions, strategies and measures for improved energy efficiency in transport of goods. Other objectives include:

  • Gaining knowledge of the conditions and effects of such actions, strategies and measures through pilot actions in 3 different rural, natural resource based industries.
  • Analysing the conditions for transferring this knowledge to other forms of transport of goods with the intention of establishing a basis for continued actions after the project has ended.

This is a pilot project covering actions within rural natural resource based industries from 3 different branches. 3 medium sized companies, one from each of Finland, Norway and Sweden, serve as case studies in order to give a solid framework around the pilot actions and the development of strategies and measures. The 3 branches are forest industry (Finland), fishing industry (Norway) and agriculture industry (Sweden).

The aim is from the 3 'cases' to generate knowledge which can be transferred to other forms of transport of goods for both export and import. This implies that the project includes an analytical part on opportunities and potentials for improved energy efficiency in industrial transport of goods in general.

Dissemination of the results from these analytical activities forms an important part of the whole project. This is intended to form a basis for continued actions and implementation of policy-measures after the project period has ended.

Expected relative energy savings within the actual branches are 5 - 10 % on a short term. Relative savings larger than this, about 15 - 20 % on a longer term, should be achievable if prescribed strategies and measures are enforced.


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The European Investment Fund
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Public (EU)
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ENG-SAVE 2 - Multiannual programme for the promotion of energy efficiency in the European Union (SAVE II), 1996-2000


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