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Environmentally friendly mobility Fertő-Hanság

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Background & Policy context

The Welterbe region and the national park are a popular excursion and holiday destination for cyclists and nature lovers. The St. Martins Thermal Spa also provides new tourist impulses in the region, but a direct connection to the public transport network is missing. The NSB route fulfills in this context an important function for the sustainable mobility development.

In the coming years, a large number of investments in railway infrastructure will be necessary to ensure the long-term safety of railway operations. Furthermore, on the Hungarian side the bicycle traffic infrastructure does not correspond to the criteria of quality applicable in Burgenland, either with respect to route guidance or construction.


The aim of the project is to ensure a modern and efficient railway transport and to increase operational safety on the NSB route in accordance with the results of the ETZ project "NSB basic study". Important objectives are also the establishment of a closed, cross-border cycle path network based on the bicycle traffic concept developed in the "GreMo Pannonia" project, as well as the positioning of the region as an "eco-tourist region".


Parent Programmes


Within the scope of the project the following tasks were achieved:

  • Modernization NSB-Bahn
  • Cycling path  Hanság
  • Improving the eco-mobility of the sea angle

Policy objectives

Support of sustainable transport modes.


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