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European Farmers and Foresters Involved for Contributing to an Intelligent Energy Network towards the Target of 20% reduction in fuel consumption

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Background & Policy context

More than 50% of teh energy consumed by European farmers go to fuel for their machinery. EFFICIENT20 was designed to encourage farmers and foresters to contribute to reaching the target set by the European Union of 20% energy savings compared to the projections by 2020, through amongst other, reducing their fuel consumption.


The project had two main goals:

To create a European Network dedicated to fuel savings in the agricultural and forestry industries;

To achieve 20% fuel saving in the participating pilot groups by the end of the project.


The following steps were taken to reach these two goals:

  • Data on fuel consumption was collected from expert field tests and directly from farmers in order to fill the gaps in references.
  • Pilot groups of farmers or foresters committed themselves to monitor and reduce their fuel consumption by 20% during the project.
  • Surveys were carried out to increase knowledge about how farmers and foresters understand and use their machinery and particularly fuel consumption monitoring devices.


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The project achieved the following results:

  • 82 comparison tests were conducted for soil tillage to show an average saving of 15% in fuel/ha. 16 comparison tests were conducted for transport to show an average saving of 20% in fuel/ha.
  • An online database with field tests results on fuel use before and after the implementation of fuel savings measures was created.
  • Teaching modules, presentations and handbooks on fuel saving measures in agriculture and forestry were made.
  • 397 contacts, 61 active Associated Members implemented fuel saving measures and disseminated the project’s results
  • EFFICIENT20 has been promoted at 99 events throughout Europe

Strategy targets

Promoted more sustainable development.

Policy objectives

Contributed towards the EU2020 targets of higher energy efficiency.


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