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Evidence of the Proven Economic Benefits of Sustainable Transport Initiatives to Facilitate Effective Integration in Urban Mobility Plans

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Background & Policy context

The biggest challenge of implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is to link the process of developing a strategy with the allocation of funding by the national administration. Most SUMP projects currently underway tend to focus on building a bottom-up consensus on the importance of the SUMP approach for a range of valued social and environmental objectives. However, measures specifically deployed to achieve these objectives are frequently perceived by funding bodies to be less important than major infrastructure schemes. A SUMP is in most EU countries therefore not a requirement for significant funding. There is now compelling evidence to demonstrate the economic benefits of delivering transport investment through a SUMP framework.


The EVIDENCE project will show the economic value of successful sustainable transport schemes. Collectively they illustrate the potential benefits of a SUMP which correctly identifies and delivers an integrated package of sustainable transport. This evidence will be targeted at key decision makers and influencers in each EU Member State to enable them to make informed decisions about investments in urban mobility.


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  • On-line and constantly live dossier of peer-reviewed credible evidence currently available on the economic benefits of sustainable transport measures that could be contained within an effective SUMP. A summary of the dossier of evidence into 22 main European languages providing ‘quick facts’ for decision makers and responses to key barriers will also be developed.
  • A comprehensive database of pan-EU key policy influencers and detailed knowledge of opportunities to target use of the evidence.
  • Interactive website which combined with related pages on Linked In and Facebook and publicity via Twitter, will facilitate learning of how infrastructure projects are currently appraised, and typical out-turn cost-benefits compared to predicted, and to improve understanding of how perceptions need to change before sustainable transport is better integrated in everyday transport systems.
  • Enhance effectiveness of new and existing SUMPs - by 10% - by increasing funding allocated to implement sustainable transport.
  • 400 enhanced SUMPs (in EU countries) ready to effect annual CO2 savings of 7044 t CO2e.


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