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Feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis for the shipping lines

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Feasibility study aims to raise the level of theoretical and technical preparedness for financing and implementation of the  public ship transport in Sibenik area that is being developed within the project Intermodal urban ecological system of public transport buses and ships - UrbEco.

Feasibility study aims to define the optimization of shipping lines, the acquisition of new ships and adaptation of the existing pier.


The measures provided  in the feasibility study to improve the whole system of ferries on the Sibenik navigable area are:

1. The introduction of new routes linking the islands and coastline

According to the results of market and transportation studies "Sibenik boat lines" from 2014 by the City of Sibenik  it is proposed to establish a completely new system of lines because the current system does not follow the needs of the island's population and tourists.

2. The introduction of more frequent transport 
In the new system lines are planned to sail every 90 minutes, and during the season (June, July, August, September) 10 sails daily. 

3. Creating a new CBA 
The  study "Sibenik boat lines" showed that it  should be avoided the model of the marine ship transport with a single HUB in the town of Sibenik, in order to reduce the duration of the journey to final destinations (islands and Pag).

The idea is to create a hub and to guide the line directly to points of interest, without unnecessary diversion in the town of Sibenik and creating additional traffic jams. 

4. "Park and sail“ 

The new system will integrate the line with road transport shipping transport; creating a coastal line transport will develop basic conditions for development of the "park & sail'. These "park & sail 'points have already been established along the coast, so that the new traffic by sea should only integrate to that point. This would reduce the congestion of road traffic and lack of parking in the city of Sibenik and Vodice.


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