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Health and safety - second stage of road safety analysis

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The aim of the project was to analyse the activities of the University of Tartu. The project was attended by students and teachers of 16 schools. The project was carried out for students - for assessment and improvement of their  road safety knowledge, attitudes and behaviour assessment.

Teachers involved in the project enhanced through the learning activities student's competences in the field of road safety development (using training materials developed during the project).


In summary, the results of the evaluation showed  that although road safety knowledge of the students is relatively high, they still frequently show a risky behaviour in traffic.

There are problems with  wearing safety equipment, safe roadway crossing and  the
the behavior nerby  the railway crossings.

For example, the reflectors are not always weared in  dark time,  only a third of respondents are wearing a bicycle helmet when driving. Almost all of the surveyed students are dealing by walking or cycling some extraneous activities - using the headphones, the smartphones or speak to your phone. Students' attitudes showed that although students see the traffic rules compliance as relevant (87% of respondents), they believe that there are times when it is not needed. 


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