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Impact of Road Humps on Drivers and Vehicles

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Background & Policy context

This project will examine the effect on vehicles of repeatedly traversing road humps, looking for signs of accelerated vehicle wear. Five different types of vehicle will be used with various road hump shapes, and with a range of vehicle speeds.

The effect of alternative hump designs will also be modelled to examine whether Departmental guidance on road hump design should be altered to minimise the discomfort experienced by the occupants of some vehicle whilst maintaining the effectiveness of measures.


The project will also model the impact of traversing road humps on the lower spine. The results will be examined by a medical expert. Recommendations are expected to be made on issues such as the aggravation of existing medical conditions, effects on 'professional drivers' of buses and vans; as well as making recommendations on how road hump design can be improved, whilst still encouraging the driver to maintain a low speed.


Road humps are used extensively to reduce and control vehicle speeds. Though they are successful in achieving reductions in speed and hence accidents, complaints are received concerning damage to vehicles and/or severe discomfort and injury in vehicle occupants.


This project aims to discover :

  • whether repeated crossing of road humps causes accelerated vehicle wear;
  • whether alternative hump designs could reduce discomfort to vehicle occupants whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the measure;
  • the effect of crossing road humps on the lower spine.


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