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Improving the state of roads in Poland

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The project includes the construction of bypasses, the extension of existing sections of national roads, the adaptation of their load capacity to the heavy traffic with a load of 11.5t / axle, and the improvement of the safety of road users by road modernization (in particular the redevelopment of crossings, the construction of pavements and pedestrian- cycles and bus bays).

These tasks will be implemented in the following voivodships: lubelskie, świętokrzyskie, wielkopolskie, pomorskie and podkarpackie.


Expansion of DK48 on the Dęblin - Moszczanka section

The investment will include the reinforcement of the existing pavement structure for load handling of 11.5 t / axle, as well as a series of modernization measures, including improved road safety by:

  • modernization works at the junction with the voivodship road No. 801 Puławy - Warsaw,
  • reconstruction of existing bus bays, congestion and geometry of subway entrances,
  • construction of traffic lanes for vehicles turning left,
  • installation of barriers and defences in the neighbourhood of the sidewalks,
  • reconstruction of existing sidewalks and construction of new sidewalks and pedestrian-cycle routes,

Implementation in 2020-2022.


Improvement of road safety in the province. on the national road no. 9 in Abbots' town

The investment consists of building a pavement in Opatow, on the left side of the national road no. 9, on the section of total length of 114 m (from km 87,121 to km 88,235).

The aim of the task is to improve the safety of unprotected traffic participants moving on the ground. In this section there is also a relatively large traffic of agricultural vehicles (28 agricultural tractors / day) and trucks (3 269 capacity / day).

Implementation in 2019

Construction of a pavement in the town of Wyszmontów within dk 79

The investment consists of building a sidewalk of 2, 380 m along with access to bus stops in Wyszmontów within the national road no 79 (from km 168,150 to km 169,820 - left side and km 169,110 - km 169,820 - right side).

The investment is aimed at improving the road safety conditions on the national road no. 79 in the built-up area of ​​Wyszmontowa and between Ożarów and Wyszmontow - connecting the existing road to Ożarów, where an increased pedestrian traffic was observed. Commune of Ożarów declared co-financing of design and construction works.

Implementation in 2019

Construction of a pedestrian-bicycle route along the national road no. 11 on the section of Szalonka - Granice

As part of the investment, it is envisaged to build a pedestrian-bicycle trail along national road no. 11 (from km 462,693 to km 463,570). The construction will allow for the connection of a walking and cycling route with earlier sections from Opatowa to Szalonka and from Siemianice to the border of the province (Kostów).

Implementation in 2018

Improvement of road safety in the Wielkopolska Region at DK 92 in Nekla, within the framework of the PBDK - Dangerous Sites Elimination Program

As part of the task on the national road no. 92, a footbridge will be built along the ramps and access to the facility. Investment will improve the safety of pedestrians and the flow of traffic will increase.

Implementation in 2018

Reconstruction of the junction within the national road no. 11 with county road to Dębiec town

Within the scope of the task, the intersection of the national road No 11 with the county road (between 305,600 km and 305,875 km) will be reconstructed. A left-hand turn will be built on the runway towards Kórnik. At the intersection, the crossing will be a pedestrian crossing with asylum. The surface will be adjusted to a load capacity of 11.5 t / axle. Roads, bus bays and drainage systems will be rebuilt. The investment will also include the construction of a technological canal and walkways within the intersection. The aim of the investment is to improve road safety.

Implementation in 2017

Expansion of the national road no. 22 on the section Czarna Woda - Zblewo

As part of the task, the pavement and reinforced pavement construction will be replaced to 11.5 t / axle. In addition, intersections with lower category roads will be developed, a pedestrian-bicycle route, a technological channel, bus bays and car-weighing stations will be built. The task covers 17.8 km DK 22 (from km 289 + 000 to km 306 + 800).

Implementation in 2020-2022.


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