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Increasing the usage of parking capacity on highways using prediction models


Increasing the usage of parking capacity on highways using prediction models
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Zvýšení využití parkovací kapacity na dálnicích za pomoci predikčních modelů


The subject of the project deals with the issue of the insufficient number of parking spaces for truck traffic, especially on the highway network, which comes from long-term growth trends in the amount of traffic. Based on the analysis of the situation and number of research projects in surrounding European countries, the project aims to design a system which will use as the input data from the toll system and will predict the occupancy of parking spaces to optimize their use.

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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Key Results: 
  1. Functional sample of prediction system availability of parking spaces - functional sample of telematics prediction system aims to integrate all the elements according to the proposed architecture and verify the performance of the system for the defined area. Functional sample of the entire system provides information on the predicted availability of parking on the highway D5 at defined time horizons through mobile applications for the Android operating system.
  2. PrePark - PrePark is the statistical tool software based on data from the toll system that predicts the availability of individual parking spaces on the highway in the Czech Republic.
  3. Methodology of the detection of eligible areas for building new parking lots dedicated for trucks - the methodology focuses on detection of eligible areas for building new parking lots dedicated for truck on highways based on historical data from Electronic fee collection system.
  4. Transport Telematics - Systemic View (monograph) - System-oriented approach to the ITS design, operation and evaluation with respect to all predefined performance indicators like reliability, safety, security, integrity, etc. is introduced. The ITS objective is to achieve principal transport, travel and forwarding processes services improvement within the existing transport infrastructure. ITS services cover requirements from an individual local case up to the complex wide area solutions with wide scale of services complexity and telematics services are an integral part of the ITS. They do not represent the only telecommunications solutions, but they are tightly connected with a wide variety of transport services. Intelligent services with the ability to support the relevant environment of the complex system structures are provided. Consequently, this discipline is closely linked with managerial and legal topics due to their ability to principally influence the system behaviour. Finally critical system properties, their security aspects and the newest approach to system reliability based on the concept of the scaled prediction diagnostics are discussed.



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prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek
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Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Transportation Sciences / České vysoké učení technické v Praze - Fakulta dopravní
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