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Innovative Materials and Smart Technologies for Environmental Safety


Innovative Materials and Smart Technologies for Environmental Safety
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Inovatīvi materiāli un viedās tehnoloģijas vides drošumam


The aim of the project is to develop an innovative and improved knowledge base for materials, photonics and nanotechnologies and human capital to boost the competitiveness of the public sector (with an emphasis on key 'Enabling Technologies' identified by the European Commission). This has significant scientific potential and economic demand in Latvia, including the development of the nanomaterial and technology industry. Outcomes include:

  • Developing the supply of nanotechnologies and a competitive nanotechnology industry in Latvia;
  • Developing competitive knowledge created in Latvia in the field of innovative materials up to production technologies and the initiation of material production;
  • Developing the field of quantum technology and biophotonics by developing new commercialisable prototypes.
Funding Source(s): 
Latvia State Research
Key Results: 

Studies carried out under the project include:

  • the dynamic characteristics of Latvian road bridges and their impact on design safety - design risk, safety and robustness methods have been developed;
  • innovative and multi-functional composite materials for sustainable buildings from local raw materials;
  • innovative and multi-functional wood composite materials for sustainable buildings;
  • risk assessment for safe, efficient and sustainable buildings;
  • a layered wood composite with a rational structure and increased specific bending capacity;
  • the characteristics of the mechanical micro -, nano - scale of materials and their effects on human safety;
  • metal surface treatment for friction and wear reduction.
Partner Organisations: 

LU Institute of Polymer Mechanics, University of Latvia

Aizkraukles Street 23
Riga LV-1006

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry

Dzerbenes street 27
Riga LV-1006
Development phase: