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innovITS - ADVANCE is an initiative arising from activities within the ITS KTN Cooperative Active Safety and Environment group, which brings together members of the UK automotive industry, research organisations and technology companies with an interest in developing active safety systems based on car-car and car-infrastructure co-operation.


innovITS  - ADVANCE is a futuristic research and development centre, based in the UK. By facilitating innovation in co-operative vehicle, highway and telecommunications technologies, innovITS - ADVANCE aims to reduce accidents, improve environmental efficiency and help to alleviate traffic congestion through the efficient and intelligent interaction of vehicles and highway infrastructure.


Development of a test facility to enable customers from the telecommunications, automotive and electronics industries, as well as highways authorities and operators, to develop, test and validate future transport technologies in a safe, highly controlled environment.

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innovITS (Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Transport Systems)

United Kingdom:
innovITS (co-ordinator); TRL Ltd; MIRA

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