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Integrated development project for urban transportation in the Strasbourg Urban Community

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LIFE93 ENV/F/000570
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Background & Policy context

In July 1992, the Urban Community of Strasbourg was composed of 27 communes and housing more than 450 000 inhabitants and decided to set up a very ambitions and innovating programme to construct a first tramway line. The programme deals with the uses of transport for everyday or tourist purposes. The tramway line was inaugurated in November 94. The Life project of Strasbourg Urban Community included a set of actions to set up the tramway, whose purpose is to favour a mixed use of public spaces and a better distribution of traveling inside the urban community to the benefit of public transport and cycling.


The programme subdivided into seven different actions:

  1. setting-up of an information system concerning urban and tourist travels within the urban community;
  2. gathering up and disseminating the results;
  3. informing the users of public transports. This phase was carried out by the CTS (Strasbourg Transport Corporation) ;
  4. a training programme for the bus drivers to initiate them to soft driving;
  5. a whole set of public equipment was fitted out (zone 30 laying out, taxi-call booths, marking of parking lots);
  6. setting up of equipment linked with a comprehensive cycling programme within the city;
  7. study of a tourism-oriented tram terminal.


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