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Integrated Management of Multimodal Traffic in Port Terminals



Integrated Management of Multimodal Traffic in Port Terminals

Background & policy context: 

Advanced solutions for the integrated management of multimodal traffic in ports could have a significant impact on the efficiency of ports, and the smooth cargo flow from one transport mode to an other, as well as safety of operations and contingency planning.

European Union policy-makers need to decide whether or not the implementation of new intermodal management and information systems, is justified on economic grounds. Factors which they need to take into account include the optimisation of transport operations along the port-to-port multimodal chain, the improvement of the competitiveness of European waterborne transport and the feasibility of trans-European transport networks.


The project has the following objectives:

  • To develop concepts and criteria for the assessment of multimodal operations
  • To develop objective criteria and parameters for classification/quantification of costs and benefits pertaining for operations, transit times, quality of services, safety and reliability
  • To develop simulation tools for the comparative assessment of a variety of practical applications in terminals and networks
  • To provide application of the above simulation tools to a specific case study involving three European ports and three types of commodity
  • To define alternatives and critical elements for the practical implementation of new management schemes
  • To identify and analyse harmonisation and standardisation issues

INTRA-SEAS involves the development of software simulation tools for the cost/benefit analysis of port-related intermodal transport, including the hinterland transportation chain.

The simulation tools are tested, validated and calibrated using real operational data from a number of European ports and then applied in a case study involving six European ports, a number of inland operators and three typical commodities.

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European Commission; Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN; formerly DG VII)
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Nine partners from different European Union countries are involved.

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Mr Gerry Trant
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Nautical Enterprise Centre Cork Institute of Technology
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