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Intelligent Electronic Record of the Operation and Vehicle Performance

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Connected and automated transport (CAT)
Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)



Data concerning the operation and performance of vehicles and machinery constitute a basis of further economic, operational and legislative agenda- starting from invoicing of the operations, contract profitability analysis and wage/salary calculation, through logistics of substrate transport to maintenance management and timesheet reporting. Despite the current boom of information technologies, the digitisation of the transport data is still largely dependent on individual drivers. In fact, the most common original source of the digital data are still handwritten records which are consequently 'manually' digitised, that is, transcribed into digital form using more or less sophisticated interface. The resulting document, containing the records of traffic data concerning the individual vehicle, is usually called 'stazka' (the acronym is derived from the Czech phrase meaning 'statistical record'). Attempts to 'digitise' the creation of such a document always ended up by equipping the vehicles with a terminal and forcing the driver to type the required information into this terminal. All those methods have a common denominator - the human factor - which makes them prone to errors. The goal of the proposed project is to design and implement a system that will substitute the need for the manually created record by allowing direct creation of a digital one. The implemented solution should eliminate the operator errors to a maximum possible degree and, at the same time, it should not reduce the information content of the record (and, consequently, its usability). The proposed solution should also focus on the careful observation of the legislation on drivers' labour that would lead to improved traffic safety. The project goals are in line with the national priorities of oriented research and directly correspond to the one of its objectives, namely 'To increase efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability in transport'.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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