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Intelligent Transport Systems in South East Europe 

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Transport integration of TERN is a fundamental pre-requisite for SE Europe regional cohesion and development. On the other hand, ITS applications are key tools to support efficient infrastructure management and traveller information on TERN. In order to maximise benefits out of ITS deployment, SEE-ITS aims at stimulating co-operation and interoperability between isolated ITS applications so as mobility is supported seamlessly throughout TERN motorways, secondary and urban/periurban road networks, as well as with their interfaces to other modes, such as surface public transport, ports and inland waterways. SEE-ITS will develop an institutional and technical framework through which SEE organisations and countries can harmonise ITS specifications and define generic collaboration model based on acceptable scenarios. Furthermore, the project will execute focused pilots to assess the scenarios, perform impact analysis, benefit by the ITS industry participation in the project and deliver a Regional Framework, a User Forum and a long term plan for viable future investments.


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2007 - 2013 South East Europe


“Intelligent Transport Systems in South-East Europe” is the final publication of “SEE- ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems in South-East Europe”, a 2-year project financed by the South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme of the European Union, under the coordination of the Hellenic Institute of Transport of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas. SEE-ITS activities were carried out during 2012 - 2014, a period of significant developments throughout Europe as regards the increased deployment of ITS, the next advances of ITS, as well as the framework conditions set by the 2010/40/EU Directive. SEE-ITS focused on the analysis of the current deployment status of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in South- East Europe, on the provision of recommendations for enhanced deployment both from the technical and the policy perspective as well as on suggestions for concrete actions in the form of deployment roadmaps for the future, utilizing also results from targeted ITS demonstration activities. This publication provides interested readers with up-to-date information on:

• The current status of ITS in South-East Europe, as of 2014, with references to the Priority Areas set by the 2010/40/EC Directive for ITS

• Best practices of ITS deployment in South-East Europe as well as across Europe

• Organizational, operational and technical requirements for interoperable ITS deployment

• Roadmaps for ITS deployment in South-East Europe countries, including proposals for national ITS architectures

• ITS demonstration activities executed within the SEE-ITS project “Intelligent Transport Systems in South-East Europe” is targeted to the variety of multi- sector stakeholders, which are involved in the complex ITS domain, well beyond the boundaries of the South-East Europe area.

Further details and the complete technical reports of the SEE-ITS project, beyond the contents of this publication, are freely available on


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