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Sistema Integral de Control, Señalización y Comunicación para la Gestión Operacional Segura e Inteligente del Tráfico en Servicios e Infraestructuras


The INTELVIA project was created with the clear objective of developing ITS (intelligent transportation system) technologies and improving the Spanish business sector's competitiveness through the implementation of an ambitious R&D programme. This programme should place companies in the sector in a clear position of technological leadership, diversifying the industrial base and backing new technologies and the development of solutions with high technological risk, but high added value. Specifically, the INTELVIA project aimed to address intelligent traffic management by developing an integrated control, signalling and communication system for the safe and intelligent operational management of Traffic in Services and Infrastructure, through the development of technological solutions in the field of artificial vision and cooperative ITS systems for driver aid and assistance.

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Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo
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Ikusi Electronica S.l.

Paseo Miramon 170
20009 San Sebastian