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Iteroperable inductive electrical load

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Background & Policy context

Contactless charging is an opportunity for electric vehicles. This solution is easy to use and is vandal and weather resistant.

Following the first contactless charging for PRAXITELE project developed in St. Quentin En Yvelines, France (1997-1999) using the electric billing payment, the project CINELI (Chargeur Inductif Électrique Interopérable) has been announced and launched in May 2011.

The goal of this project with respect to PRAXITELE concerns the tolerance about positioning at parking and the requirement to avoid mechanical system to raise the ground antenna.


The CINELI project aims at developing knowledge and methods to make it possible for carmakers to control:

  • ƒThe magnetic radiation generated by the transfer of electric power by induction, by approaching the problem scientifically and pragmatically in relation to the positioning tolerance and interoperability of systems, transmitters and receivers.
  • System performance in widespread vehicles in terms of energy efficiency and positioning tolerance (efficient coupling with variable impedance).

CINELI aims to develop a standard for interoperability between contactless charging systems for EV batteries by Inductive Coupling (IC). A vehicle from any manufacturer complying with the standard should be able to be charged over an integrated inductive ground loop. This project focuses on the development of two different wireless technology systems that ultimately must be compatible. The result will be offered to other manufacturers as part of a consortium to allow an increase in the diffusion of electric vehicles and thus a reduction of CO2 emissions.


Funding Source


Results have been synthetized in a thesis focused on the principles of electromagnetic modelling and the analysis of the interoperability for the inductive charging of EV. The studies are based on the system dimensions given by the industrial partners.

The Doctoral Thesis is available at the following link


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