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Hochintegriertes Kamera-Radar-Modul als Grundbaustein für autonomes Fahren


The project KameRad aims to develop a fail-safe sensor system for the all-around protection in automated driving vehicles. For this purpose, a highly integrated electronic system consisting camera and radar sensor will be built, that combines the advantages of optical monitoring with the radar measurement technology in one system. The objective is to be able to flexibly link the camera radar system in a decentralized network with each other and with GPS and CAR 2X-information. The available data volumes must be intelligently processed to ensure the necessary short reaction times. The entire system should be usable via the application of artificial intelligence in autopilot and be used in the future for autonomous vehicle control. Performance will be demonstrated both in a car and in an agriculture vehicle.

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Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung
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Innosent Gmbh

Am Roedertor
97499 Donnersdorf