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Key Components for High Pressure Systems

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Background & Policy context

The fuel cell and hydrogen technology has big potential to realize emission free and fossil fuel independent vehicle propulsion and stationary energy supply systems, combined with attractive cruising ranges or operating hours. According to the actual plans, hydrogen will be launched in key markets as fuel for vehicles in the next years. The required technologies for this application enable additional and sustainable added value / turnover, as well as new jobs, and will strengthen and increase the export opportunities of the automotive, energy, chemical and mechanical engineering sector.

The analysis of a conventional tanks system for gaseous hydrogen (GH2-KVA) shows that the high-pressure storage tank is the main driver regarding costs and weight. The optimization of the material usage and the production process is an effective method to reduce weight and costs. The rest of the components of a GH2-KVA cause a smaller part of the total costs and weight, nevertheless there are significant potentials for a reduction of costs and weight because actual components are mainly based on industrial solutions.


The project submission of its project partner HypTec and Magna Steyr contains development scopes for a GH2-KVA, particularly the high-pressure storage tank and the valve technology. It will provide an essential contribution for the cost and weight reduction by optimization of interfaces, components and by following of functional integration approaches: HypTec will develop an innovative system valve which controls the mass flow during fuelling and de-fuelling, at cases of safety and damage. It will replace all separate control valves / functions of an conventional tanks system for gaseous hydrogen.

Magna Steyr develops selected scopes of the high-pressure storage tank, especially the design and the manufacturing process of the composite structure, the interface to the system valve of HypTec and the mechanical protection of it. The closely alignment between both components is essential to fulfil the requirements for the GH2-KVA und to gain the market acceptance. The project results will result in an international competition advantage at the future development and production of cost-effective, durable and low-risk products and will furthermore ensure middle and long term, the development and production of high-tech products for clean mobility Made in Austria


Parent Programmes
Institution Type
Public institution
Institution Name
FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Other Programme
MdZ - 6. Ausschreibung 2015


Lead Organisation
Hyptec Gmbh
Philips-Straße 27, 8403 Lebring, Austria
Partner Organisations
Magna Steyr Engineering Ag & Co Kg
Liebenauer Hauptstraße 317, 8041 Graz, Austria


Technology Theme
Fuel cells and hydrogen fuel
Hydrogen storage system
Development phase

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