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Kooperative Mobilität im digitalen Testfeld Düsseldorf


In cooperation between partners from traffic engineering and automobile industry, V2X services that interconnect vehicles with the infrastructure will be provided in the test field Düsseldorf. This serves as a basis for extensive field tests with different test vehicles including passenger vehicles, public transport and cyclists. Data is provided via standardized interfaces (ISO/CEN, ETSI) and simultaneously on different communication channels (M5, G5, 5G / 4.5 G). Comprehensively documented reference implementations ensure an implementation according to relevant standards. This approach allows that third parties that are not directly involved in the project validate their systems in the test field Düsseldorf. System tests will be accompanied by analyses of functional safety of the systems and impact on traffic with regards to safety and efficiency. For this means, vehicles are tested in different use cases which also include mixed traffic with different levels of automation.

ika is involved in the development of a function for automated valet parking, which is being demonstrated in the Vodafone parking garage. The ika test vehicle receives the target parking space from the backend. The route from drop-off zone, in which the driver leaves the vehicle, and the target parking space is driven fully automatedly. This includes entering the parking garage and the driveway across multiple levels of the parking garage. Beside trajectory planning and environment perception, an essential challenge is the localization of the vehicle in the parking garage.

Furthermore, the automated driving functions developed in the according use cases will be evaluated with regards to impact on traffic safety and efficiency. Another work package aims at ensuring interoperability between the urban test environment at Aldenhoven Testing Center, which has been built up in the projects CERM and CERMcity, and the test field Düsseldorf.

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Bundesministerium fur Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur
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Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen

52062 Aachen