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Legal aspects of rule compliance aid


Legal aspects of rule compliance aid
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Aspects juridiques des aides au respect de la règle

Background & policy context: 

The introduction of driver assistance systems in the dynamic system formed between the driver, the vehicle and the road environment is not without impact driving activity. In some cases, these devices provoke interactions between the vehicle and the driver, link together vehicles and / or establish links between infrastructure and vehicle. Some are "transparent" to the driver, some do not. The provision of information (e.g. on the operating speed) to the partial or complete automation of certain tasks, the range is wide.


From a legal point of view, two types of questions emerged: those concerning the responsibilities in case of accidents, those relating to the respect of legal constraints related to the collection and use of data. This research dealt with these legal difficulties.


The methodology was based on traditional legal analysis and the confrontation of the implementation mechanisms of responsibility with the methods of research in accident. This involves a census of the main legal sources to be integrated into any analysis on the legal aspects and to consider support systems in an appropriate classification.

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Key Results: 

The work allowed to identify:

  • the legal constraints to be respected to ensure the security of the systems;
  • the legal responsibilities incurred by the different actors involved in the design, management, maintenance (including public authorities and their agents);
  • the modalities to be implemented to ensure the protection of personal data concerning users, whose collection and conservation are necessary for the systems’ functioning.
  • Université du Maine;
  • Université de Poitiers
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