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LHOFT - Liverpool - Humber Optimisation of Freight Transport


LHOFT - Liverpool - Humber Optimisation of Freight Transport


The LHOFT Project - Liverpool - Humber Optimisation of Freight Transport uniquely brings together the combined strength of a major cargo owner (Unilever) the two key port operators at each end of the M62 corridor (ABP on the Humber and Peel Ports on the Mersey) to combine with experts from the rail industry to input into a study lead by the University of Hull's Logistics Institute to develop an end-to-end journey model that promotes the diversion of trade from long distance North-South road routes to ports on the East and West of the country. These freight journeys could be further optimised by the use of rail and offers the potential for a huge reduction in the number of freight miles on the UK road system. Technology to be developed by the University will enable multiple cargo owners to pool volumes to de-risk new sea and rail services through northern ports so removing risk barrier that prevents more cargo using northern ports today. Flows to be targeted include ferry services to the continent and all container services where the origin or destination of the cargo is on the M62 corridor.

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Oxford Rail Strategies Ltd/ Lancaster University/ Associated British Ports/ Railfreight Consulting Ltd/ University of Hull/ Unilever UK Ltd/

Peel Ports Investments Ltd
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