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Living Lab Bus

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Background & Policy context

The environment can be used for collecting data, validating solutions and as an interface for involving end users in the innovation and feedback process, thereby supporting service and technology providers’ business development, innovation, co-development and co-operation activities as well as product marketing.

From the public sector point of view, the environment encourages and enables the development of solutions that support common goals such as user-centric services that increase the use of sustainable transport modes.


Goal of the Living Lab Bus (LLB) environment is to enable the development, testing and demonstration of various services and technologies by using innovative electric buses as a concrete platform in a real use environment. The innovation environment is implemented in co-operation with private companies and research organizations together with the support of the public sector. In addition to the those involved from the beginning, the objective is to open up the development environment for use of third parties.

  • Open platform for technology and service providers – development, testing and demonstration of new technologies and services
  • Quickprototyping and testing – faster commercialization and credible verification
  • Real context and real users – user acceptance and service references
  • Co-development ecosystem – new mobility service value chains

Busses as platforms

  • Real buses as a concrete test platform
  • Finnish Linkker electric buses in normal operation in the Helsinki Region
  • VTT’s test bus for prototypes / pre-testing
  • Co-development with other companies, research organisations and public sector

Real test environments

  • Ten buses in normal operation to be used for testing in Helsinki and Espoo from fall 2016
  • Feedback and ideas from real users


  • Technology development and validation
  • Data collection and contextual measurements from real use environment
  • Service development and collaboration


Funding Source
Ministry of Transport, municipality and private sector


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
Partner Organisations
EU Contribution


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