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Low-cost and high-performance pocket Automated Vehicle Monitoring system for Public Transport


Low-cost and high-performance pocket Automated Vehicle Monitoring system for Public Transport

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AVM (Automated Vehicle Monitoring) systems are a key ITS technology for Public transport, guaranteeing real-time control of bus fleets on the network. They support ticketing and user information systems and report service performances.

However, existing AVM present 3 key weaknesses that prevent them from being fully implemented and exclude smaller transport operators from equipping their fleets: a. complex technical features; b. significant resources needed for purchase and implementation; c. lack of an automatic data validation process.


CELSO has been developed to address these 3 weaknesses. It is a low-cost, pocket AVM solution. It uses large diffusion technologies to provide all the functions of existing systems via a smartphone/tablet–based APP (CELSO MOB). Moreover, it enhances performance of conventional AVM, thanks to a specific module (CELSO Validator) which validate data collected by the system automatically.

The target users of CELSO are not only Transport Operators (small and large), but also Public Transport Authorities and other Authorities in charge of service contract monitoring/management. The simple and light architecture of the system can be easily customised to specific users needs, allowing CELSO to reach a large EU and international target market.

CELSO is currently a prototype product, which has been tested and proved to be effective, yet it requires further engineering and commercialisation analysis before being placed on the market. For this reason, the Feasibility Analysis to be developed in this project aims to enhance CELSO specifications (determining any needed software and hardware improvements) and develop the product business model. Special attention will be paid to the needed adjustments at Company organisation level to manage CELSO commercialisation and post-sales activities efficiently.

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European Commission
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Memex S.r.l.

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