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Maintaining Driving Skills in Autonomous Vehicles

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Background & Policy context

In the future autonomous vehicles will drive on our roads. It is unlikely that we will immediately move from manual to fully autonomous vehicles, instead the mix will change over time and include a large number of semi-autonomous vehicles. As a result human drivers will need to take over in specific situations (e.g. when sensors fail) and there will be an interplay between autonomous systems and human agents. However, human drivers will not be able to practice driving so regularly.

Our assumption is, that the reliance on semi-autonomous systems will lead to a deterioration in driving skills. The three year project MaDSAV (Maintaining Driving Skills in semi-Autonomous Vehicles) will try to address this problem.


The MADSAV project is concentrating on developing technologies to maintain driving skills. In particular to support drivers should they need to resume control of a (semi)-autonomous vehicle  due to technical failure or complexity. The project will provide a series of innovative technologies which will form a basis for future basic and applied research and which will be useful to industry and researchers alike. These include:

  • ADAS systems, which include advanced driver profiling techniques;
  • Persuasive technologies to encourage drivers to maintain their skills;
  • Simulation and testing platforms for use in laboratory and distributed (at home) environments.


Funding Source
FNR - Fonds Nationale de la Recherche Luxembourg


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