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Management Strategies for development of motivation in work for the employees from the urban public transport

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Background & Policy context

The project brings in the idea of development of managerial strategies in the work motivation settling as aim the organization development in the activity sector that belongs to the public private transport. The strategy for development of the work motivation will be made starting from the redefining of the managerial politics from the level of public urban transport.
For this purpose, we will promote a partnership between different institutions of research-development in order to solve the identified problems at the problematic level of the work place content for the employees from a range with important economic and social implications, like the public urban transport.


General objectives:

  • Emphasizing the assessment methods for work satisfaction and criteria for the professional satisfaction of the employees from the public transportation
  • Creating a modern methodology of assessment for the work satisfaction at the employees
  • Achieving some strategies for the development of work motivation of the employees


Funding Source
State Budget - Ministry of Education, Research and Youth - Romanian language: Buget de Stat - Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetării şi Tineretului, Programul 4 - PARTENERIATE IN DOMENIILE PRIORITARE Domeniul 9 – Cercetare socio-economica si umanista


Estimated results:

  • Study regarding the subject of professional motivation at the employees from the urban public transport
  • Inventory of the instruments of assessment of the motivation and professional satisfaction
  • Soft for assessment of the work motivation and satisfaction at the urban public transport employees
  • Improving the degree of work satisfaction at the at the urban public transport employees for the purpose of optimization of the efficiency in the organization


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