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Mobility Management oVer Europe: Changing Mobility Patterns

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MMOVE supports interregional exchange on sustainable mobility policies for medium sized European cities (populations 50-250,000). Through networking, analysis of best practice and a series of Study Visits MMOVE will raise the level of knowledge and awareness of mobility management innovations. These focus on transport demand and low cost interventions to change public perceptions and behaviour in the way citizens move about our cities. In the final phase of the project partners will work in parallel on feasibility studies to prepare implementation of one good practice locally, and present results and recommendations to regional policy makers.

The MMOVE partnership incorporates 9 local authorities from medium sized cities, 1 region and 1 Municipal Agency. 8 EU states, including 2 new member states are represented, with a broad geographical and cultural diversity. Several of the Northern European partners bring best practice and expertise in mobility management and methodologies.

Ultimately MMOVE aims to influence regional authority policy-making by providing mobility management solutions which will help small and medium sized cities make best use of their mobility infrastructure and services. Good practice and findings will be collated and classified in a coherent way in the form of a permanent online toolbox for municipalities and transport planners across Europe.

Results will also include presentation of critical success factors in transferring mobility interventions across EU regions, to help similar cities to share in the learning. MMOVE findings, results and recommendations will be disseminated widely through the Eurotowns network of medium sized cities, and through professional forums of mobility planners, city networks and local stakeholders.

MMOVE will make a contribution to European Transport policy (currently under development) and targets by helping medium sized cities to improve road safety, to reduce congestion, to improve air quality and increase take up of sustainable transport forms.


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2007 - 2013 Interreg IVC


Following the project approval, the partnership strongly supported the Lead Partner in the start up phase, informing local stakeholders & media about MMOVE, its aim and how cities involved could benefit from it. Initially internal coordination actions have taken place in order to deeply analyse the activities to be implemented and set a clear action plan. In 2009 the project continued to develop according to forecasts, thanks to the strong commitment of all the partners without relevant problems.

The first Steering Advisory Group and Technical Working Group meetings held in Brighton on 24th and 25th February 09, generated the opportunity to exchange experiences with another EU project on transports (CIVITAS). The Kick Off and first Steering Committee meetings were held in Reggio Emilia (31st March - 2nd April), with the participation of 2 external experts (one of which from another EU similar project, PIMMS) allowing also the organization of a second Technical Working Group meeting. A total of 39 Best Practices (29 internal + 10 external to the partnership) were identified and collected during 2009. Following the closure of the second semester, in order to guarantee proper management, a three day coordination meeting (one day per Component) was held in Reggio Emilia (6th - 8th July). In this occasion both management communication and technical aspects were reviewed. DEMEKAV was involved and invited to share the implementation of activities for Component 2. The final project logo was selected by the partnership. A three day meeting was held in Girona from the 7th to the 9th October: the first day the third Technical Working Group meeting was held, finalizing the BP collection phase. The results of the technical group discussions were presented to project partners the following day at the Best Practice network meeting. This started with a mini study visit, where all the participants had the opportunity to observe Girona Best Practices selecting one for a Study Visit, being briefed by the Mobility Councillor on the local mobility policy.

The Best Practices collection results & the draft report were presented to the whole partnership. Each partner presented one Best Practice judged as most interesting by the assembly of partners. The second part of the meeting opened officially the second technical phase of the project, dedicated to Study Visits, with a presentation of the results of the first selection of 6 most interesting Best Practices. The third day was dedicated to a Steering Advisory Group and Steering Committee meeting illustrating the general project situation, website and first drafts of communication material. The meeting was closed by the Communication Workshop. On 22nd and 23rd October the Lead Partner participated to the Communication Seminar organised by INTERREG IVC Info Point in Valencia, presenting the MMOVE experience at one workshop. Partners strongly communicated the project at local level to media, decision makers and stakeholders with press conferences, presentations to media, special meetings. This brought to a considerable amount of press releases, articles and appearances in press and media (radio and TV).

The project was presented also during other events: TRAVEL PLAN PLUS event held in Manresa (EU mobility project) on 11st and 12nd May; a regional network on traffic safety and sustainable transport event in Molndal on 6th October; the Eurotowns General Assembly held in Girona on 7th October; a meeting of the Gothenburg international network on 14th October and a special session of the Razlog City Council. MMOVE was also considered as an example of INTERREG IVC project in the official press release at the first INTERREG IVC Capitalisation Conference held on 9th and 10th December in Gothenburg. the project external evaluator was appointed to evaluate the project management and support the Lead Partner and Component 3 coordinator. At the end of the year, the first evaluation report was delivered.


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