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A new methodology for the evaluation of the urban air pollution by measurement performed with equipment installed onboard of municipal tramways or trolley buses

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LIFE95 ENV/IT/000434
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The aim of the project is to set up a new methodology for the evaluation of the urban air pollution. The new concept is based on the idea to make measurements via air pollution equipment installed onboard of tramways or trolley buses (on electrically moved public vehicles). At present the evaluation of air pollution in urban areas is realised via networks made up with measuring stations, equipped with analysers, spread up over the urban area. In this case the measurements are on a spot basis, so they are referred to the specific place where the station is installed. The overall evaluation of the pollution is made on the basis of all the data made available by the stations building-up the network. The project aims to allow the evaluation of the urban pollution trying to minimise the weight of measuring equipment, by reducing their number. One only mobile station installed on a tramway or trolley-bus running on the urban area, can support evaluation of urban pollution getting available very valuable data; which in fact are not referred to a single specific spot, but to a very wide path as long as the space overrun by the public vehicle. The project is at present made possible by the fact that GPS technologies are available. GPS can easily associate to the air pollution measures carried out by the mobile station the coordinates of the spot to which the measures have to be referred. GPS technology also at present has such a resolution power that it is possible to define the vehicle position within a tolerance radius of no more than 10 m. It's therefore possible to make the georeference of the measured air pollution data with a high degree of precision. The particular type of approach to the problem of urban pollution situation, as per the present proposal, utilising as a mobile station an electric public vehicle, allows a widespread of information to population, at least to all people that every day are passengers of public vehicles.


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