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The NEWADA duo project will strengthen the cooperation between waterway administrations along the Danube waterway. In the run of a previous project initiative common challenges were identified which shall now be tackled. The overall objective of NEWADA duo is to ensure seamless navigability of the Danube waterway on its entire course. This will be achieved by applying two different approaches:

First, the waterway administrations shall increase their joint coordination efforts, thus defining and enabling a standardised level of service for Danube waterway infrastructure.

Second, the users of the waterway will be directly involved as much as possible in order to be able to tailor future services to their specific needs.


First of all there is a need for the harmonization of basic waterway related data, which is the basis for the core processes of waterway maintenance by national authorities (surveying, dredging, provision of information).

Hence, waterway administrations are able to exchange data and experiences easily, while users will benefit from standardised quality respectively level of service of waterway infrastructure.

Other Countries: 
Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia
Funding Source(s): 
Key Results: 

Customer orientation will be improved by directly addressing users of the Danube waterway. They will be involved in the development of new services as well as
in the improvement of already existing ones. The aim is to provide the latest information to the user with already available technology within the shortest possible time. Harmonization of basic data will be achieved by defining common quality criteria which will be used in the future. Thus, the amount of redundant work will be reduced and the basis for internal and external services – specifically in cross - border sections – will be improved.

Pilot activities to be implemented on selected stretches and future concepts will provide the basis for follow - up activities which will be forwarded to European funding schemes allowing investments into infrastructure and surveying/maintenance equipment on a large scale.

Contact Name: 
Eng. Georgi Georgiev
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EAEMDR – Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River
6 Slavianska Str
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+359 82 82 31 30