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Elektronisches Längs- und Querführungssystem für automatisierte Fahrmanöver


Travelers like delivery services and mobile care workers lose productive work time in parking and searching parking spaces. Innovative chassis with individually steerable wheels and electric drive can increase maneuverability and as well the efficiency in flowing city traffic.

This is where the BMBF funded project OmniSteer comes in the picture. Within OmniSteer originates a scaled down demonstration vehicle whose longitude and lateral guidance system can perform orthogonal, multi-directional and nonlinear drive and steer maneuvers. These three features enable innovative drive functions and thus utilize the full potentials of the automation in electrically powered vehicles. The vehicle will detect the environment with sensors, calculate the best possible drive path and can then perform the complex maneuvers independently.

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Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung