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The main objective of the project was to develop a personalised traveller information system and increasing the public transport competitiveness and efficiency over the car individual transport. 


During the project the latest international IT research results were studied and the habits of Hungarian people in the field of transport use and modal choice were examined.

Among those wishing to travel, the growing number of travel habits was taken into account. Also the linking of inhabitants to existing smart mobile devices is growing rapidly.

The project task to apply the R & D results into practice, was the design and creation of functional and customised integrated IT system.

During implementation, a number of separately intangible existing systems was explored.

The results must be coordinated with the existing intelligent platform development tool in order to bring a joint system into operation.


In the first phase a detailed assessment of the situation in Central and Eastern Hungary was provided and a Plan for the new IT Transport Operation Centre was worked out.

According to the survey results with detailed project elements an exploration plan, was provided by the consortium partners, focused on the market applicability of the national dynamic scheduling data structure and individual negotiations on scheduling national data and their creation took place.

The university colleagues developed a method of working with domestic and international practice, working with the criteria, which are assessed for individual solutions. The criteria also serve for the development of a new passenger information system.

Finally, a mobile application was developed to display real-time travel information for Volán Bus Company. The project experiences are useful for the data analysis and practical information in this research field.

Innovation aspects

A practical application displaying real-time travel information was developed.

Policy objectives

The application developed during the project should support the competitiveness of the public transport and therefore the policies enhancing PT.



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